Volunteers Fuel Our Efforts

Our services to Lyme residents are all provided by volunteers. We are always on the look-out for new, dedicated volunteers. But make no mistake. To make it as an ambulance volunteer, it takes a commitment.

Operations volunteer jobs include:

  • Drivers: Driver training can take a month or two.  Operation of the ambulance and all its equipment, patient transfer techniques, radio communications, and knowledge of area roads are among the essential skills drivers must demonstrate.
  • EMRs and EMTs: Most of our drivers also are certified Emergency Medical Responders, a certification that requires a valuable and significant training commitment.  The next step, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification requires additional training which can provide lifelong life-savings skills. Training programs are  followed by a state administered skills evaluation and a nationally administered written exam.  The whole process typically takes a few months, after which the new EMT will have the opportunity to become a “Lead EMT” with the necessary experience to ultimately be a crew leader.
  • For answers to other questions you may have, click here.

Interested in volunteering for our Operations crew?
Print out and mail in our Volunteer Application.  Or contact Ed Vidou (860-575-8025) for more information.  You can also email Ed at apache12@comcast.net.



Front Row (from left):  Cameron Paynter, Beverly Crowther, Heidi Bill, Paul Ahnell,
George Mooney, Jamie Leatherbee.  Back Row (from left): Ariana Eaton, Carter Courtney,
Judy Brault, Alan Cone, Gaby Thibodeaux, Tom Darna, Jerry Ehlen, Will Firgelewski,
Sherry Block, Edward Balfour, Allen Petri, Ed Vidou.  Top of Photo (from left):
David Erhart, Rick Lacey, Kelly Smith, Ed McCusker, Andre Yeomans, Rhett Steiner.

Other Volunteer Roles: LAA Board and Committees

We have certain reporting and record keeping responsibilities as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the state of Connecticut, but beyond that, the service is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors manages our finances, fund raising, and publicity. Members include veterans from the Operations Group, experienced business people in the fields of finance, development, and marketing, and town leaders (the First Selectman and Fire Chief are ex officio members).

2016-laa-group-photophoto taken by Dave Roberge ©


Front row (from left): Sirge Orzech, Diana Fiske, Deb Lees (Secretary), Steve Lazrove.  Back row (from left): Andy Smith (President), Ron Rose, Bob Webster, Dan Henderson, Paul Ahnell. Not pictured: Adam McEwen (Treasurer), Tom Darna (Chief of Service), Steve Olstein,
Dave Roberge, Kristen Shea.  

Spread the word about LAA

Whether you come to know us as an active volunteer, as a recipient of our services, or just by word of mouth, we ask you to support us by telling our story to your friends and neighbors. Email us and let us share what Lyme Ambulance has done for you.

Volunteer Application to print out and mail in.