Calling 911

  • Call 911 for a serious, disabling or life-threatening illness or injury.  When you call for  a medical emergency, a fall, a motor vehicle crash or some other traumatic injury, try to be patient with the dispatcher. In actual fact, the fastest way to get help is to let the dispatcher  lead you through a series of questions that are very important.  It may seem like a long time but it is usually less than 30 seconds.
  • Resist the temptation to go to the hospital by private vehicle. Early intervention improves a patient’s chances of survival and recovery. By using 911, emergency care reaches you sooner.  What’s more, if the patient’s condition worsens en route, you will have no way to care for them in the car.
  • Get the trained personnel needed. By calling 911, Paramedics who are trained in more advanced life support can meet the ambulance on scene or en route to the hospital.