Being Prepared

Emergencies rarely give a warning. There are several ways that you can assist our efforts to provide emergency services, and enhance the chances for a patient’s recovery. As a caregiver, you can:

  • Prepare “File of Life” forms for each member of your household. This form is available at the Town Hall, the Library, at Jane’s store and at the Hadlyme Country Market. Alternatively, you can download and fill out a Vial of Life Medical Information form. Either way, answering the questions on the form ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of a patient’s medical history, and speeds the evaluation of the patient. When health conditions change, be sure to update whichever form you have chosen to use.
  • Know the signs of stroke and heart-attack
  • Learn CPR. It’s easy to learn, and it saves lives.
  • Mark Your Entryway Clearly. Night or day, emergency personnel must be able to find your home quickly—every minute counts!  Please make sure that your entryway is clearly marked, that the house number can be spotted from either direction, and that it is visible at night. A town ordinance passed in 2007 dictates that “numbers shall be a minimum height of 3 inches, of a color contrasting with its background, and… preferably reflective. …Residences that do not have mailboxes shall display a number affixed to a post or other structure, not more than ten (10) feet from the intersection of that driveway and the road or street, and visible and unobstructed from either direction.  Numbers shall be placed not less than 3 feet nor more than 8 feet above ground level.”
  • Audit your home for safety. Secure medications, check handrails and steps, test alarms, remove tripping hazards, and evaluate needs for adaptive devices.
  • Have a plan. Have contact information of people you can call to help with pets, children, and other kinds of support.
  • Have Special Needs? Complete this form! Remember, we can’t help you if we don’t know who you are!