Services We Provide to Lyme

24-Hour Response to 911 Calls

Most people have a pretty good idea about what Lyme Ambulance does: we respond to Medical Emergencies and 911 Calls with trained volunteer personnel, often providing life-saving care that can stabilize an otherwise lethal situation. In fact, this year, we are on track to respond to more than 200 calls. But the fact is, Lyme Ambulance does a whole lot more.

Community Education

We participate in the Heart Safe Community Program, which involves sponsoring an annual “Friends and Family” CPR course. Because even basic CPR skills can save a life in the first 10 minutes of a crisis, this course is intended for those who want to know what can be done before the ambulance arrives. It is offered at no charge to Lyme residents.

Driver, EMR and EMT Certification and Continuing Education

To be able to handle any and all situations, our volunteers must train and retrain.  We meet every month for several hours with a certified EMS instructor to improve our knowledge and hone our skills.  We train with Lyme Fire for motor vehicle extrications, structure fires and wilderness rescues.  Every three years each EMT and EMR must recertify by taking a 24-36 hour course.  In addition we share our “lessons learned” after challenging runs.

Inter-Agency Collaboration

We stand ready to support ambulance and other emergency services in other towns. We also provide standby coverage for community events including the Hamburg Fair, Tour de Lyme and several horse events. We also assist the elderly and those with special needs during major weather events. We help them prepare for those events, checking to ensure they are safe and secure and when necessary, transporting them to an area shelter if necessary.

Ultimately, we provide a safety net of emergency responsiveness to the rural community of Lyme, serving residents of every age. And thanks to voluntary contributions from Lyme residents, we do it without charging fees and without impacting tax rates or revenues.